Our School

In the summer of 2013, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education approved Project GRAD USA to be a high school restart operator and assume management responsibilities of Dean Technical High School, now a GRAD Academy. In line with the mission of GRAD Academy, Dean Tech will provide students with an outstanding 21st century education, prepare them for college and career success, and inspire them to be engaged participants in our democracy. At Dean Tech, GRAD hopes to build a distinctive blended learning environment and model in which students perform academically in the top 10% globally and, by doing so, demonstrate that excellence is possible for all.

As a GRAD Academy, Dean Tech will achieve the following:

  • High Expectations: Build a culture of high expectations, where graduation within four years and meaningful post-secondary outcomes are a given;
  • Student Centered Learning: Deploy teaching and learning strategies to meet all students where they are on their individual development path and stretch them in supportive and appropriate ways so they can reach their full potential, providing a highly tailored, differentiated learning experience for all students;
  • Student Ownership: Empower students to drive their own projects, within a collaborative team context that requires clear roles and responsibilities and enables differentiated instruction so that each student’s individual learning need are met;
  • Blended Instruction: Create a highly innovative, blended learning, high tech environment where teachers are employing a variety of instructional modalities, including direct teaching, group discussion, demonstrations, guided facilitation, and coaching. This variety will build a dynamic, highly interactive classroom and learning space and lead to deeper learning outcomes.
  • Self Pacing and Mastery-Based Credit: Provide adaptive learning software and individuated scheduling that will allow students to push their own learning at their own pace while they are also supported by teachers who are equipped with comprehensive real-time formative assessment data on student performance.

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