Master Schedule

Previously, Dean Tech operated on a “week away” schedule, where students spent an entire week focused solely on their vocational shops, followed by a week focused solely on their academic courses. Under GRAD, Dean Tech has switched to an “AM/PM” schedule. In this new master schedule, 9th and 10th graders spend the morning hours working in their career and technical labs, while 11th and 12th graders spend the morning hours in their academic labs. In the afternoon hours, they switch.

To complement the AM/PM schedule, Career and Technical teachers team-teach with Academic teachers, providing students room to integrate what they are learning in practical ways through real-world situations. Another daily class period is on Occupational Related Theory, which teaches students the theory behind the practice of their chosen Career and Technical lab. This schedule integrates many different aspects of what students are learning, providing a rigorous and multidisciplinary approach that challenges students to make connections in new ways.